Brisbane International Airport Mural Proposal

¬ 01 The Brief

Brisbane Airpost Corporation was searching for an artist to create a mural on their new international departures concourse. The mural was to be 90 meres long and 5 metres high.

Project Details

  • Client: Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Category: Watercolour
  • Project Media: Watercolour, gesso, charcoal printed on vinyl

¬ 02 The Proposal

The completed proposal issued to Brisbane Airport Corporation included a visit on site and mockups of the space to be constructed.

The 16 page booklet showed budgets and time lines for the completion of the work and set out to show how my ideas would fit in the space.

My concept developed based on my travel experience at the Brisbane International Airport. My husband and I were returning from an overseas trip, we were tired from 2 days of travel including an 8 hour layover at Singapore Changi Airport and overnight flight back. We followed procedure through customs in an automaton state and then, as we followed our driver to the car, we stepped outside. The smell of the Australian gum trees overwhelmed me and I will never forget that moment of smelling the outside air.

My proposal is based on that personal experience and I want visitors leaving from Brisbane Airport to their overseas destinations to take with them a part of the uniqueness of our Brisbane and South East Queensland landscape.

¬ 03 The Pitch

The proposal was pitched to participants and representatives.

The 90 meters long and 5 metres high proposed mural